What you need to know

There have been rumors of a HomePod with a screen before and this concept imagines what that could be.
The gorgeous concept shows a large Retina screen atop a HomePod.

You’d buy this, wouldn’t you?

The idea of a HomePod with a screen isn’t even remotely new, but it’s something that crops up every now and again. And each time it does, I’m reminded what a great idea it would be. Turns out, I wasn’t alone.

Designer Eric Huismann has been hard at work creating concepts based on a few things, but it’s the HomePod Show I’m most interested in. Because the thought of having a HomePod that can show me things instead of throw results to my iPhone is absolutely something I’m here for.

The concept imagines a square HomePod-type affair with a screen slapped on the top. Not just any old how, though. The screen is slanted so that it’s at the right angle for you to see without looming over your speaker all the time. And boy does this make me wish Apple would give us all a HomePod with a display!

The only issue I can see with this design is that you’re unlikely to watch an episode of Ted Lasso on Apple TV+ while making dinner thanks to this square display. Lengthen it out a bit and you might be onto a winner.

Whether Apple will ever do anything like this, only the company knows. For now, we’ll just have to hope and dream. Or just buy an Echo Show instead — that’s probably the best smart speaker for anyone who wants to watch content as well as ask what the weather’s like.