New free and paid updates coming to Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

New free and paid updates coming to Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

Ubisoft has announced new content updates coming to The Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, with both a free content update and a paid DLC containing a new story chapter.

The Mask of Darkness DLC

Ubisoft really didn’t give us a lot to go on when it comes to the DLC announcement – they definitely left us wanting more. All we really know is that it will be story-focused, a new chapter of narrative for players to enjoy.

At least we won’t have to wait too long to learn more because they gave us a September 2024 release window, so a more substantial trailer should be forthcoming sometime between now and then.

The Divine Trials Update

The free update is called the Divine Trials update and is available to all players. It adds 22 new challenges for players to tackle. They are accessed via the Hall of Memories, which is a new door in the Haven, and consist of all kinds of tricky stages for players to test their mettle against.

As a player makes their way through the action-adventure Metroidvania and unlock new abilities for Sargon, more trials will unlock, each consisting of a challenge of some kind – combat, puzzle, or platforming. Beating each trial will reward players with new items.

As players progress through the trials and finish off the sets, they will unlock revised boss battles they can take on for an exciting new encounter. For beating these bosses, players are rewarded with amulets and outfits (four of each) that they can use to customize their character as they play through the main game.

When is the Prince of Persia Divine Trials update coming out?

Good news! If you fancy a challenge and can’t wait to get to grips with the trials, you can do so immediately because it’s out now.

Prince of Persia as a franchise featured heavily at the Ubisoft Forward event. As well as the Prince of Persia DLC, Ubisoft also announced that they are making a reboot of the Sands of Time series – but not until 2026.

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