Image: Epic Games

It’s been just over a week since Fortnite came back online following a two-day, black hole-induced hiatus. But the event, which ushered in the game’s eleventh season and its all-new redesigned map, was one of the biggest singular online gaming events to date — with more than 7 million concurrent viewers across Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube.

Epic Games tells The Verge that the black hole event, officially called “The End,” amassed record-breaking viewership on Twitter and Twitch. It also clocked in as one of the most viewed YouTube gaming events ever, although far from the biggest live event on that platform. (Live Coachella performances from Beyonce and other more mainstream events handily have it beat.)

On Twitch, more than 1.7 million…

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Fortnite’s black hole event broke Twitch and Twitter viewing records
Source: New feed