MSI Net, Inc.

MSI Net, Inc.

MSI Net has been in the Communications, Networking, and Intranet/Extranets field since 1987.

MSI Net has shown a steady increase in revenues over the past 25 years and has consistently maintained a profit throughout every quarter over these years.

MSI Net has undertaken various projects where they have supervised/coordinated with managers, vendors and end-users. Benefits range from creating & structuring a project, thru implementation & progress reporting, including functional analysis, design, programming, testing, implementation, documentation and training.

MSI Net has provided many educational institutions with many solutions and services, this allowed us to serve the schools and provide them with the necessary tools to reach the next level in technology. This being said many of our schools are models when it comes to “Classroom / Smart Technology’ implementation. Being a pioneer in this field we have managed to place our mark within the past 25 years.

MSI Net has established a very strong technology backbone from Broadband/ Fiber Optic solutions to solve the growing need of technology and Internet connectivity.

The MSI Net client list continues to grow, mostly through referrals from our existing clientele and contacts.