Live in the Classrooms of “Farrell”- Bearing Witness to the Pope’s Visit to N.Y.C.

Live in the Classrooms of “Farrell”- Bearing Witness to the Pope’s Visit to N.Y.C.

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When Pope Francis made his visit to New York City on September 24th and 25th people from across the boroughs and beyond did all they could to be a part of the journey he made. Not all could get so close, millions would be relegated to using the closest device to them in order to witness the activity. Just a decade ago perhaps a bit longer, options were limited to televisions and basic computers. But what about our children? During much of the visit they were in school. How could they have witnessed such important history from class.

MSI NET has been working with local schools, one in particular Monsignor Farrell High School, has over the recent months and years continued to increase their schools technological capabilities, to the point where the students were able to witness to the Papal’s visit on Smart Board projector screens with speakers that were wired over a network within the school grounds. Thirty Six classrooms of students benefited from the very latest in technology installed over the Summer that not only made televisions passe’ but older generation technology as well. The Pope had a successful and inspiring visit to our City and the Staff and Students at Monsignor Farrell did not have to miss any of it.

This technology carries over day to day utilizing the Cloud network and Microsoft Office 365 to allow them to interact with both teachers and other students in and outside of the classroom, and most importantly be involved with 2015 top notch technology.-MSI NET.