Gastro_front_desk Gastro_waiting_area Gastro_wiring_under_frontdesks gastrobackofficemsi-logo-Cloud Svcs - March 2013mcloudserv small logoWhen opening a new location for your medical practice you are faced with making choices you did not have to years ago. No longer is it about appointment books and hundreds of paper files to maintain. In today’s world the best decision is to call MSI NET, we give you all you need at an affordable cost. Using top technology that is complete with Microsoft Office 365 and other industry leading technologies. Thirty computers were connected through main servers to interface with each other and are EMR ready. No more paper files, all patient files are now entered and stored electronically.Software was also installed so with the click of a button physicians can transmit referrals and prescriptions, and receive patient records via e-fax. The staff communicates utilizing VoiP technology from their workstations that are wired by MSI with neatly and securely limiting exposure and reducing hazards. A battery back up is in place in case of an electronic outage securing all stored information. For the patient waiting area WiFi and flat screen televisions were securely installed to keep the brief waiting time as comfortable an experience as possible. Security cameras were also installed by MSI for safety after hours.MS Logo