Preparing MSI NET Business for Cyber Monday!

Preparing MSI NET Business for Cyber Monday!

Black Friday has given everyone a Sunny warm day to ‘Shop Til We Drop’!

Here at MSI NET we are preparing for the biggest (as the media tells us) for Cyber Monday! The day where online shopping for more deals, free shipping, and no need to stand in line reign supreme.

Today MSI NET upgraded over ONE-HUNDRED of our Business clients with the latest upgrades for Microsoft Office 365, giving them peace of mind that they will be ready to handle the rush. With MSI NET acquiring the licenses we didn’t take the day off. We stay true to our word to provide the best possible current service while giving you the latest technology, making Cyber Monday and everyday are problem free.

Concerned about your system surviving the Holidays or your provider is not giving you the help you need??

No Time to Wait……Call us at 718-921-6136 Ext 109. We will be there to help and promise to leave the reindeer home.131201111600_cybermonday-530x298