2016! Welcome, Three Top Trends You’ll Need To Know.

2016! Welcome, Three Top Trends You’ll Need To Know.

At MSI NET we are forever keeping on top of the very latest and yes, the always improving items in the market that relate to how we can help you, our clients and potential future clients make your dollar go a lot further than you could imagine. Our job is to stay ahead, inform, and recognize the best of all options. Your only job is to let MSI NET help you and your company be as modernized as possible, without you having to spend valuable time engaged in the discovery phase to strengthen your technical infrastructure. Call 718-921-6136 x 109 as this year to solve previous technological issues, including the protection and privacy of your personal information. Hackers are hard at work, so is MSI NET. Some trends and developments we are looking forward to include these three favorites. We can’t list them all, as new and exciting developments are often weeks away.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                tech 2016

13-D Printing/Printers–  3-D printers are expected to, at minimum double-triple in shipment in 2016-17. Therefore the market for less expensive, market friendly 3-D printers will continue to grow. One great example… Students and Educators will be able to test, design and engineer with hands on exposure. 3-D printing presents the ability to create solid physical models, improving projects overall appearance and raises the bar for creativity. A personal favorite for MSI NET. If you want more information, just contact us. 718-921-6136

2. Cloud Computing continues to trend upward. There are projections that all facets of business will drive the percentage of users who are trending towards Cloud based activity to as high as 70-75 percent, possibly by the end of the year, but not too much longer after that time frame. Cloud computing is a good investment because of it’s affordability and has vast options for the specific users experience. To get information as it applies to your needs, call MSI NET at 718-921-6136.

3. Mobile Technology Usage– Tablets will be the the initial item consumers will spend their dollars on. They are great for those who are looking for a compact travelling device and something between the iPad and smartphones. There are some early projections that trend a quarter to a third of the U.S. owning a tablet before years end.  Tablets are a great option for students and your business for those reason and more. If your not sure comfortable with the transition at your school, restaurant, or are looking to be part of the trend contact at MSI NET 718-921-6136. We can secure your information and have everyone on board communicating 24/7.