The Reality of Virtual Reality is Within Students Sights

The Reality of Virtual Reality is Within Students Sights

MSI Net knows in our technology driven world that students in all schools are benefiting from funding that allows them to learn from Smart Boards, Microsoft Office 365, and online programs that teach and enhance everyone’s abilities to master their skills. Research from the New Media Consortium revealed that wearable tech devices will have it’s role in learning, across all grade levels, potentially within four years. Now that may not be tomorrow, but there is great chance that our children currently in First Grade could be utilizing Virtual Reality technology tin the classroom by the time they reach Middle School.

So what do we specifically mean by Virtual Reality learning?

We suggest reading this article:

Students with disabilities may be well-served by wearable tech. Sensory-based learning can be facilitated by wearable tech, which is particularly beneficial to students with trouble focusing on lectures and reading, who can then opt for a physical experience instead. For physically disabled students, projects like “Signglasses,” where sign language narration is projected onto traditional eyeglass lenses via Google Glass, could be a game changer both in and outside the classroom.