Cerber ransomware targets enterprises via Office 365

Cerber ransomware targets enterprises via Office 365

A ransomware attack targeted millions of Office 365 users via a phishing campaign last week, underscoring the growing  threat this kind of malware poses for enterprises.

The attack started on June 22 and lasted more than 24 hours, until Microsoft began blocking the malware, according to a report by Avanan, which provides security tools to protect Office 365, Box, Salesforce, Amazon AWS, and other cloud applications.

Cerber, the ransomware used in this attack, encrypts user files like photos, videos, and documents, and plays an audio file demanding a ransom to unlock them. It typically spreads via email attachment of a document booby-trapped with malicious macros. When users are tricked into enabling macros, the embedded code infects the PC.

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