Review: Download review: PhotoScape review

Review: Download review: PhotoScape review

Review: Download review: PhotoScape review

PhotoScape is primarily a photo editor, but this label doesn’t really do it justice – there is much more to it than basic retouching. There’s also an image viewer, a batch editing function, a built in screen capture tool, and a host of filters and effects to quickly liven up any image.

Download PhotoScape freeOn top of this you can stitch together multiple images into a panorama or collage, work with animated GIFs, convert RAW images, create slideshows, and print photos using a number of templates – the list goes on.

PhotoScape functions

User experience

When you first fire up the program, you’re greeted by a strange circular menu system that provides access to all of the various tools. If you’re not keen on this layout, you can opt for a more traditional grid arrangement of icon in settings.

Each of the various components that make up the program has a similar look and feel – almost like a file browser. In each instance there is a file navigator in a pane to the left of the screen, while the right is home to the editor, viewer, convertor, or whatever tool you happen to be using. After a while, it begins to feel that the permanently visible folder navigation tree is a bit of a waste of space, and should perhaps have been given over to buttons and menus instead.

While PhotoScape is no Photoshop-killer, it is highly accomplished. The editing features are what will bring most people to the program, and it does not disappoint. However, it shuns the traditional menu and toolbar design standard used by most applications, moving settings to the bottom of the screen. There’s no getting away from the fact that the fact that the interface is quite unusual and takes a while to get used to.

PhotoScape image viewer

We liked

Despite the raft of extras (the RAW editing tool being a particularly welcome addition), the editing tools are PhotoScape’s best feature. The editor is surprisingly powerful and all of the options are well-labeled and self-explanatory. This is clearly a tool aimed at beginners, and you are encouraged to just play around with the numerous filters to see what happens. If you take things too far, there’s the ever-present ‘Undo’ function, or ‘Undo all’ if you want to wipe the slate clean.

What is particularly heartening is that even newcomers to the world of image editing will be able to create something impressive from their photos by simply tinkering – and this is the portal to trying out new things and getting more adventurous.

PhotoScape image editing

We disliked

While there is a great deal to like about PhotoScape, you can’t help but feel it all could have been slightly better organized. Some people may appreciate the fact that all of the various components of the program are to be found in different sections, but others will simply find it annoying.

The interface is also a little confusing. There are tabs at the top of the screen that provide access to some of the tools, while others can only be launched through the splash screen menu icons. Why, for instance, does it make sense to have the Color Picker tool singled out for inclusion in the selection screen? It’s not a major issue, but it is a little odd.

Final verdict

Download PhotoScape freeWith so many tools to choose from, even if you don’t make full use of PhotoScape’s full feature set, you’re sure to get value from this remarkably versatile free program.


Developer: Mooii Tech

License: Adware

System requirements:

  • Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • Processor: Not specified
  • RAM: Not specified
  • Disk space: Not specified

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