Paranoia rules! 5 types of imaginary malware

Paranoia rules! 5 types of imaginary malware

When you’ve been writing about security for as long as I have, you develop a following. I’m grateful to my readers — without them, my editor would need to find another security writer. But I can’t help but notice that among those who consume my content is a small but tenacious group of people who can only be termed as paranoid.

Yes, I mean that in a clinical sense. Typically, they come to me looking for a way to detect and remove what they believe is supersecret spyware plaguing their electronic devices. In their internet searches to find eradication advice, they come across Security Adviser and write for help.

The emails tend to be quite long and suggest a life filled with horrors. Yet the stories tend to share several common features: the fixes they’ve tried, what happened as a result … and claims that they’re being spied on. People spy on them at work, apparently, even in the bathroom.

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