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Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger says it is not considering the UK for its upcoming chip factories due to Brexit; the company is investing $95B to open European plants (BBC) October 7, 2021

BBC: Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger says it is not considering the UK for its upcoming chip factories due to Brexit; the company is investing $95B to open European plants  —  The boss of Intel says the US chipmaker is no longer considering building a factory in the UK because of Brexit.

Metallica, Jimmy Fallon rock out with their alphabet blocks out – CNET

The legendary heavy-metal band offers up a rousing rendition of “Enter Sandman” played entirely on toy instruments.
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Trump presidency fuels heated encryption debate – CNET

Tensions mount at a cybersecurity event over Silicon Valley’s role in helping law enforcement read encrypted terrorist communications.
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Trump's chief strategist thinks too many tech CEOs are Asian? – CNET

Technically Incorrect: In comments unearthed by the Washington Post, Breitbart Executive Steve Bannon implies that Silicon Valley isn’t quite up his racial alley.
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Of Human Action – CNET

Three universes walk into a bar: Harry Potter, Star Wars and the MCU. Just kidding this isn’t a showdown episode (though there is some trivia at the end!), instead it’s a guest star episode.
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13 tweets that will make you wish Thanksgiving wasn't next week – CNET

Thanksgiving is time for family, lots of good food, conversation and of course pie. But a hashtag game that started on Twitter today shows that a lot of people have a more negative view of the holiday.
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Tom Brady brilliantly deflates NFL in new ad – CNET

Technically Incorrect: Hundreds of thousands have already enjoyed the New England quarterback sniping cleverly in a new Foot Locker ad.
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​Forget home rentals, Airbnb wants to be your travel agent – CNET

With the launch of “Trips,” travelers can make restaurant reservations, book insider tours and find a place to stay all from Airbnb’s website.
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PlayStation Vue comes to Apple TV – CNET

Sony’s PlayStation Vue is available now on Apple TV, bringing with it services such as ESPN and CNN.
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Facebook Live users can now raise funds for charities – CNET

The social network is hoping the new feature for its streaming sessions will help nonprofits get as many donations as views.
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Polar bear pets dog in moment of interspecies friendship – CNET

A tour guide catches a cute encounter on video as a polar bear takes a break from being fierce to give a sled dog a pat on the head.
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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey apologizes for neo-Nazi ad – CNET

Gaffe involving a promoted tweet from a white supremacist group comes just after Twitter touted new tools to fight hate speech.
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2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV wins Green Car of the Year – Roadshow

File this one under, “Things most people saw coming.”
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Volvo introduces remote fueling, repair and wash concierge services – Roadshow

Volvo’s app wants to relieve drivers of the burden of gassing, cleaning or servicing their next car.
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Mars exploration has its own Scottish tartan – CNET

Put some plaid on your interplanetary exploration with a tartan pattern inspired by the colors and history of the Red Planet.
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AOL gets set to lay off 500 employees – CNET

The onetime online powerhouse plans staffing cutbacks as it focuses on video and mobile opportunities.
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King Kong isn't alone on 'Skull Island,' new trailer reveals – CNET

Turns out the giant ape is sharing his homeland with an underground race dubbed the Skull Crawlers, which are every bit as creepy as their name.
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London welcomes world's largest Lego store – CNET

Big Ben, Brickley the dragon and a mascot called Lester all find a home in Lego’s new London retail store.
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Twitter bans high-profile users with alt-right ties – CNET

The social media network recently said it would crack down on online abuse, and white nationalists who spread hatred are on its list.
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Your Eero Wi-Fi system just got smarter — a lot smarter – CNET

A major update adds Alexa compatibility and TruMesh to the Eero Wi-Fi system and, among other things, promises to improve its network performance by 40 percent.
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The small Android tablet to get is now available in the US – CNET

The Huawei MediaPad M3 is one of the best Android tablets of 2016, and now you can buy it in the US.
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The Blizzcon 2016 Heroes of the Storm finals needed a voice. They found one – CNET

Traditional sports and e-sports might have a lot of differences, but there’s one thing they have in common: passionate casters determined to electrify and excite you.
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Coke invents the 'selfie bottle' – CNET

Coca-Cola has devised a bottle that automatically takes a photo when you glug its caffeinated beverage. Of course you then share it on social media.
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Twitter is falling in love with Marc Gasol's strut – CNET

Social Cues: Also trending on Facebook and Twitter — Duck Dynasty’s demise and a Metallica classic.
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Android banking malware whitelists itself to stay connected with attackers

New Android.Fakebank.B variants use social engineering to bypass a battery-saving process and stay active in the background.

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Recent variants of Android.Fakebank.B have been updated to work around the battery-saving process Doze. The variants display a pop-up message asking the user to add the threat to the Battery Optimizations exceptions whitelist.

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Source: Symantec

Surveillance cameras most dangerous IoT devices in enterprise

Networked security cameras are the most likely to have vulnerabilities when it comes to securing Internet of Things devices in the enterprise, according to a new report by Zscaler.

“I would consider the entire video camera category as particularly dangerous,” said Deepen Desai, director of security research at Zscaler.

Take, for example, the Flir FX wireless HD monitoring camera. Researchers found that the camera communicated with the parent company in plain text and without authentication tokens.

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