Why it's so hard to prosecute cyber criminals

Why it's so hard to prosecute cyber criminals

We live in a world where internet crime is rampant. Cyber criminals steal hundreds of millions of dollars each year with near impunity. For every 1 that gets caught, 10,000 go free — maybe more. For every 1 successfully prosecuted in a court of law, 100 get off scot-free or with a warning.

Why is it so hard to prosecute cyber criminals?

Jurisdiction, jurisdiction, jurisdiction

This is the No. 1 barrier to prosecuting cyber crime. Most of the time, the person committing the crime is located outside of the country (or at least outside the legal jurisdiction of the court and prosecutors seeking the conviction). It’s hard enough to successfully prosecute a cyber criminal if they originate in the same jurisdiction as the victim, but close to impossible when both reside in different locations.

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