Q&A: RSA crypto pioneer Adleman keeps pushing the limits

Q&A: RSA crypto pioneer Adleman keeps pushing the limits

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Leonard Adleman — the “A” in the very popular public cryptographic algorithm RSA — as part of the Association for Computing Machinery’s 50th anniversary celebration of the Turing Award. In 2002, Adleman himself won the Turing Award, often referred to at the Nobel Prize of the computing world.

Like many of his Turing Award-winning peers, Adleman is still actively involved in solving some of today’s most important computer and security problems. His love of math and number theory, combined with his interest in molecular biology, created a whole new way of thinking about computing that blurs the lines between silicon and life. If we ever see bio-robots that think and act like humans, Dr. Adleman will be one of the people you should thank.

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