Gravitational, maker of a software-as-a-service support system built with Kubernetes, has released the latest open source iteration of a key part of that system.

Teleport, an SSH server that provides support teams with a simpler way to remotely manage server clusters, is an example of Google’s Go language being used to devise safer but still performant replacements for critical infrastructure.

Log me in (and him, and her, and her too)

Teleport is a replacement for sshd, the stock Linux server for SSH, and it works with existing OpenSSH clients and servers as-is. Instead of using manual key management, a common SSH headache, Teleport uses OpenSSH certificates stored on the cluster to automatically generate session keys. It also decouples SSH logins from server logins for additional safety, and it can use a separate identity store — not just the user accounts on the machine in question — to authenticate.

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Source: Security