First it was a coffee cup, now it’s a bottle of water. Poor Game of Thrones just can’t catch a break.

Just a couple of weeks after some eagle-eyed fans discovered a forgotten coffee cup in a Game of Thrones scene, a couple of misplaced water bottles have appeared. The bottles, seen in screenshots below, pop up a few times over the course of several minutes. The first time is at 46:19 on HBO Now, and then a few minutes later. One is tucked just behind Samwell Tarly’s foot in the photo below.


The water bottle is just behind Samwell Tarly’s foot above.

Another water bottle can be seen just behind Ser Davos’ chair, in-between him and Gendry.


Another water bottle is behind Ser…

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Game of Thrones’ series finale left some plastic water bottles onscreen
Source: New feed